Lost in Transnation

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 We arrived in the night and managed to get ourselves lost within five minutes of stepping off the train, but we eventually made our way to the main street of the area.  Albuquerque was a place that I'd only ever heard of in bugs bunny cartoons, and all I saw on the way in were large neon signs that painted this city like the younger brother of Vegas.  Nevertheless, this town was an enigma that I was chomping at the bits to resolve, or at least explore.  The air was a relieving 60F after bitter cold in the early mornings of Dodge City and Chicago, and combined with the flashing neon lights that highlighted every corner and crevace of Albuquerque's visage, it was a forcefull push on our senses, but one we welcomed.  My first gut reaction to the place was a super charged battery, bursting with energy, with a blanket upon it to hide it from the world.

I'd never met anyone who was from Albuquerque, and we joked that this was a result of no one in the city having any reason to leave.  As I experienced the culture, however, I began to realize that the joke had hit on point.  The air was clean off the baron lands of the west, the people were calm in their moderate weather.  The architecture of the place was old enough to care for, and new enough to be fascinated by.  In a nutshell, Albuquerque had everything the people needed to be satisfied, and so they were as still they are.

If you're ever planning on taking a trip out west, I personally reccomend this city to anyone who might have the opportunity to pass by.  In a world where we find our heads buried in wires and waves, it's a relief to pull your head up and take a breather.  Let me tell you, America: there's no finer air on which to take a breather than what you'll find in Albuquerque - it's free of not only pollution and smog, but it's an air of constant motion, as if it propels you to do more than just sit around.  The city has a clean feeling - mind you, not the compulsively scrub every inch up and down kind of clean, just the kind of clean where you can walk down a street to your local laundromat without having to check your six at every crossing.  Playgrounds fill the area,  dead looking shrubbery adds nice pale colors to the buildings, and the adobe of the place may look like the classic fake built houses, but I assure you, adobe doesn't get much more authentic than the beautiful buildings that fill this place.